Monday, August 6, 2012

First weigh in!

I weighed in at the gym today and discovered I lost four pounds last week! Woohoo! I don't really want to post numbers yet, but I am so happy for the progress.  I feel like it should have been more, but I didn't make it to the gym on Saturday and I went to a potluck dinner, banquet, and out with my husband this weekend, so I know that I didn't eat the best on those days.  But, I didn't do terribly either.  I didn't get any bread or dessert at the potluck and had small portions of everything else.  I also got a lighter portion size when Grant and I went out.  Regardless, I am going to try and do even better this week!

My little munchkins have NOT been happy at the gym lately, though.  They have had to come and get me the past two times due to uncontrollable crying from first Ben, then Annalee.  Today I only got 25 minutes in before they  called me!  I am going to do some abdominal work at home to make up for the lost time and maybe, if I am feeling really masochistic, I will take the kids on a walk this afternoon.  I am SO ready to be able to enjoy the outdoors again!  Not only does it keep them occupied and happy, but it provides so many free ways for me to get some extra exercise. 

One final thing- I always feel like a bit of a dork at the gym because I am constantly lip-synching (silently mouthing the words) to my music as I work out. NO ONE else does this (I look every time!).  It helps me forget about being hot or exhausted and keeps me moving, so I am ignoring the fact that I must look like I am secretly filming a music video.  One featuring a sweaty, pony-tailed chubby girl.  They make those, right?

As always, this is All to Bring You Glory!

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